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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indonesia Tourism PlacePuncak Jayawijaya, challenge for the mountain climbers

Puncak Jayawijaya is one of seven summit which very phenomenal in the world. This peak was sought by the climber in around the world. Puncak Jayawijaya is located in Laurentz national Park of Papua, Indonesia. The peak of jayawijaya full by the eternal snow and become one of three snow fields in tropical area in the world.

Indonesia in fact is a country which crossed by the equator line so it's impossible to find out snow here. But Cartenz Pyramid (4884 mdpl) is a peak where snowed. The peak become the highest in the southeast Asia and of course become one of the phenomenal mountain in the world.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indonesia Tourism PlaceHow can I get Toraja Land

Title above is the first time should be told by the new comer who just arrived in Makassar or Indonesia. But from this article you gonna find the answer.
You can get Toraja Land by bus. What bus does it? there so many bus go there. You can choose free from executive bus to normal.
Now these some bus armada which you can find if have arrived in Makassar.
1. Liman Armada
2. Bintang Timur Armada
3. Bintang Prima Armada
4. Gunung rejeki Armada, etc
If you still confuse, I suggest you to write down one of the Armada name and asking to the taxi driver where you can get it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indonesia Tourism PlaceHotel in Makassar

Hotel in Makassar

One of the most important things which we need if we are tourist are hotel. What criteria of hotel which we need! Of course everybody has own criteria.

Hotel not only place to stay but some of the people need comfortable hotel which near with the tourism place, full transportation access, near to the supermarket, have a good sight, and many others.

Here some of hotel in Makassar. Hoping me could become your reference as long as you are here:
1.Royal Regency Hotel
2.Siggasana Hotel Makassar
3.Santika Hotel Makassar
4.Horizon Hotel
5.Sahid Jaya Hotel
6.Aryaduta Hotel
7.Amaris Hotel Pakukang
8.Kenari Tower Hotel
9.Quality Hotel Makassar

Have a nice trip in Makassar and do not be bored to come again.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indonesia Tourism PlaceTips to get a scholarship

Congratulation to you if you have a wish to get a scholarship. Caused, you are a people who know how important the education.

As a friend let me give you some tips if you wanna get a scholarship.
Here they are :
1. You must believe and have desire get a scholarship to continue your education. You must focus to that aim, and try hard to get it.

2. Find as much as information about institution/university you want. Try to get info what institution which has relation with that, caused not closing possible it's a bridge to get a scholarship.

3. Prepare your self by good TOEFL grade from far away. If you can't you must do it right now. Caused all of university has requirement about it.

4. Find and following student mail or student group as much as possible. From this group you can get many information which you need. From that forum you could share any information about everything contains scholarship.

5. Always praying to GOD. If you have GOD.

Only that which I could share with you. Hoping me it's benefits for all.

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New Interface Wednesdays: New My Ads Layout - Inside AdSense

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indonesia Tourism PlaceHotel in Jogja

The most important factor for the tourists and backpackers are where they stay . Of course all of us need comfort place, good service, near with the tourism place or beautiful place, and moreover cheap cost. Now I recommended some of Hotels in Jogja, Indonesia. This Hotel could give you good service and low cost.

Medium Hotel/ Melati Class :
1. Hotel 1001 Malam
2. Hotel Kusuma
3. Hotel Cristalit
4. Hotel Mawar Asri
5. Wisma Nendra
6. Hotel University (near with the airport)
7. Hotel Cinka Garini
8. Roemah Djawa Resort (unique Hotel)
9. Hotel Tiger
10. Hotel Peti Mas

Luxury Hotel :
1. Hotel Grand Rosella
2. Hotel Matahari
3. Cakra Kusuma Hotel
4. Hotel Brongto
5. The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel
6. Dusun Jogja Village Inn
7. Abadi Hotel Jogja
8. Hotel Indah Palace
9. Sejahtera Family Hotel & Apartment
That’s some of Hotels I recommended you to stay. Have a nice holyday and enjoy your travelling in Indonesia.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indonesia Tourism PlaceMy Ancestor is a Sailorman

"My ancestor is a Sailorman" That’s the slogan sometimes told by Indonesian to their self.They are famous well known as the great sailorman in Nusantara. There are some ethnics are famous as the sailorman in Indonesia, they are Bugis/Bajo’e, Makassar, and Mandar ethnic. They have been exploring the ocean in Asia long time ago before the Portuguese and Spain arrive in Asia.

Some evidence still could be find in Australia and Africa till today is the Buginese traditional village. It has been showing about the truth of the history.

Buginese, Makassar, and Mandar voyage the ocean from Asia to Australia and Africa. They voyage it by using traditional boat well known as Phinisi and Sandeq boats. They explore the world only by using feeling and weather forecast by see natural condition at time. In a book written by Mr. John Perkins “the secret history of The American Empire” explains that the buginese’s pirates are very cruel man. They kill all of the Spanish who come to Sulawesi at time.

All of that has shown the capability of Indonesian specially Buginese, Makassar, and Mandar ethnic as the great Sailorman. Beside of that they have capability to dive without any equipment in Depth of the Sea to find out fishes.

Now as Indonesian we must brave told to our children about the history in other to no any Nations claim it again looks like done by Malaysia.