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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indonesia Tourism PlaceAceh Batik

Aceh is famous and well known as Indonesia part. It is not only known as the disaster area after got tsunami in 2004 but also it has cultural heritage.

One of the heritage there, is Batik Aceh although batik popular in Java Island. Glamour and beautiful you gets as the first impression when you see it caused it has different motif with the others. The motif of the Aceh batik shows combination cultural and natural colorful makes it glamour.

According to the makers of batik Aceh, the colorful nuance as a symbol of Aceh’s people. The motif tends to tell that the Aceh’s people are introvert men but if the others already known them, they will be very friendly. That is the character of Aceh’s, beside of that some motif shows that Aceh’s is a tolerance people and most of them are Moslem.

Aceh Batik sometimes using in formal ceremony such as in wedding party and designed resemble with the bride accessories. To know more detail about it, I suggest you come to Aceh by yourself.

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